TSU Protect, in association with other companies within the TSU group, works closely with clients to design, improve and sustain wide-ranging and high-performance security and risk management strategies that are cost effective, mitigate risks and advance business and mission objectives. We draw on the expertise and experience of a core of senior managers within the TSU group of companies and where necessary, approved external specialists are also engaged.

Our services for Africa include but are not limited to the following:

  • Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments for private individuals and residences, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, mining operations, commercial farming businesses and more.
  • Security Strategy Design and Implementation. It includes handling tender processes and the verification of security supplier credentials.
  • Development and Implementation of Crisis Management Plans.
  • General advisory on all aspects regarding the protection of people and property.


By using a carefully selected team of experts in the research and analysis fields we ensure that we are able to accurately gather and interpret information. Our experienced consultants will investigate the current security measures and test their effectiveness. The information gathered is processed into a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment Report advising on security weaknesses and recommended mitigation measures.

Physical Security a specialist field and the strategic decisions company’s take to secure their assets and personnel have a direct impact on their resilience and profitability. Via the TSU group of companies we have unequalled market intelligence capacities throughout the African continent which enable us to advise clients on the many country or regional specific security challenges for current and new business ventures and to test their security strategies and plans for efficiency.

A typical Security Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment involves the following stages: