The TSU Protect App enables subscribers to use their mobile phones as a panic button in the event of a security or medical emergency. Linked to a 24/7 monitoring centre and supported by a national Security and Medical Rescue Response Network in South Africa, this means that help is just the press of a button away.



We encourage you to turn on the TSU Protect App BEFORE you are in a potentially dangerous situation – for example BEFORE departing from your residence or office. We track you in REAL TIME from the moment the App is activated / launched, even though an alert has not yet been raised.


ALERT If you feel threatened, you can send out an alert by either shaking the phone or by pressing the ‘’Press for Alert’’ button, depending on your App settings. Our 24/7 Monitoring Centre will call you immediately to determine what your emergency is in order to dispatch a security or medical responder to your location. If you cannot answer the call from our monitoring centre, a security responder will be dispatched AUTOMATICALLY.

As soon as the alert is activated, your current location and the route from the time of activation of the alert is sent to the TSU Protect Monitoring Centre via App tracking, as well as your emergency contacts via SMS and email. From this moment onwards, your location is tracked and viewed in real-time by the control room as well as your emergency contacts.

The TSU App automatically starts recording VIDEO in secrecy, as soon as the alert is activated.

We understand that your attacker might either try to steal your phone or damage it, which is why we stream it directly to our secure servers, so that the evidence is not stored on the phone, but instead on the TSU Protect website. This means that your emergency contacts instantly can see and hear what is going on, and therefore be in a better position to help you.


  • MAN DOWN – This feature allows users performing dangerous tasks or even the elderly to activate an immediate alert as soon as the user becomes motionless.
  • JOURNEY – Whenever you use this feature, the TSU Protect Control room and your emergency contacts are informed about where you’re going and how long, so that they can check on you in case you’re in trouble.
  • MEETING – The meeting alarm feature can help you in situations with a risk factor, for example when meeting an estranged partner, going on a blind date or working alone.
  • REPORT – You can quickly and easily send a report with supporting photo evidence that is automatically categorised, time stamped and geo tagged.
  • FREE MASS EMAIL AND SMS NOTIFICATION SERVICE – Available for corporate offers only.

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For corporate offerings and subscription for groups of more than 10 people, please contact and we will get in touch with you.

In danger?
A simple shake or tap activates TSU Protect, automatically sending your location and audio/video evidence to our monitoring center so our team of security professionals can help you quickly.